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Gastronomy of Gran Canaria

Gastronomy of Lanzarote

Gastronomy of Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an island full of surprises with its gastronomy and the visitor will undoubtedly take back home a very satisfactory feeling.

Its dishes are notable for their simplicity, because they are dominated by raw materials in their making, but the result is very tasty.

The Canaries have received a multitude of cultural contributions that have influenced its cooking. The inhabitants of Lanzarote inherited from the Aboriginal part of their culinary habits. In addition to the Guanche inheritance we find on the island South American and Spanish culinary influence.

Good meat, fresh fish, vegetables and virgin olive oil are part of the cuisine of Lanzarote. There are very typical and important wines and cheeses. Broths are the more typical way of consuming vegetables. Due to the richness of the Canary Islands waters there are many varieties of fish. Among the seafood recipes fish with the Sancocho should be highlighted.

Among the meats pork, chicken, rabbit and goat are consumed the most. As for the pastries the bread and peanut threaded rod are very typical.

We cannot forget to mention its most popular dish: Wrinkled potatoes. Served with the "Mojos" is a "must" dish in your visit to Lanzarote.

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